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S.S 316,310,304,202 Scrap &
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  About Us...
  Founded in 2009 by Satish Agarwal, Agarwal Traders has grown from a small horse and buggy operation to one of the most modern scrap metal processing facilities in India. For a Decade now, Agarwal Traders has engaged in international trading of ferrous and nonferrous scrap metals. Satish has coordinated the handling of scrap metal to strategic locations around the country, through a developing network of associates.
  We feature accurate recovery, tracking, and scrap boxes that make organizing your excess material convenient and most of all profitable. We currently service a variety of industrial accounts nationally. Agarwal has emerged as a leading processor of scrap metals and we will continue that progress into the new millennium with a renewed dedication. We have served a wide array of customers throughout India. During this time, we have earned a reputation for integrity, efficiency, and total dedication to the needs of our customers. Today these qualities remain with our third-generation company, strengthened by the test of time.
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Prop: Satish Agarwal
Address : A-20,CO-Operative
Industrial Estate, Balanagar,Hyderabad,
Andhra Pradesh,
Email : satish@agarwaltraders.co.in
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